Wanted: TCP/IP in ADA (code & advice) 
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 Wanted: TCP/IP in ADA (code & advice)

I got the packages DDN and DDN2 from the Simtel Ada Software
Repository. Does anybody know of any other TCP and or IP
implementations in ADA? I'm quite impressed with DDN2 and will
attempt to contact the autor by e-mail but I am also interested in

Does anybody know how to contact the NTIS (National Technical
Information Service) who are supposed to have full documentation
(with figures) for DDN2 or where I can get full documentation for
DDN2. The header information in DDN2 is unclear as to the status (PD,
copyright, ?) of DDN2. Anybody know? Also I expect that there is
a newer version. Where?

e-mail replies prefered.


Sun, 05 May 1996 06:01:46 GMT  
 Wanted: TCP/IP in ADA (code & advice)

Tue, 07 May 1996 01:47:30 GMT  
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