Separate keyword and separate compilation with GNAT? 
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 Separate keyword and separate compilation with GNAT?

John Herro said

>     Second, Janus/Ada 83 for DOS has a compiler/linker switch to tell the
>system that the whole program will fit into a .COM file, so it can
>generate shorter jumps"

Robert said :

>Perhaps you mean that specifying small model allowed shorter calls? if so
>that is clearly true, but not something that is relevant any more these

I think he was refering to the small vs medium memory models that
R.R. Software can generate for the relavent CPU's - 8086, 80186, 80286.
They are of course significantly cheaper than a 32bit chip for embedded
systems and have more low power/heat options than the 32bit part of
the family (and unlike RR's 32bit version there is NO ROYALTY needed for
a DOS extender).
Regretably the implementation of 16bit Tag's has delayed the release of an
Ada95 version of that compiler to complement the 32bit versions.


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