Software development positions for naval communications using Ada/vxWorks - Ottawa - Canada 
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 Software development positions for naval communications using Ada/vxWorks - Ottawa - Canada

DRS Flight Safety and Communications has multiple openings from intermediate
to senior software developers for embedded software development in Ada. DRS
digital shipboard communications systems adapt commercial communications
technology to provide an effective system solution that is scalable, secure
and easily configured. We are looking for talented Ada software designers
with hands-on experience in embedded software development or experienced
software developers with communication background but eager to learn Ada.

Assets: experience with Ada compilers (GNAT, Greenhills, or VADS), vxWorks,
embedded Linux, PowerPC (PowerQUICC), VME, multiprocessor, telephony,
communication protocols, ATM, voice switching, ISDN, and graphical user
interface development.

To know more about these exiting positions, please visit our web site at

Sat, 23 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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