New Release of Free Ada 95 Compiler/Tool Kit for DOS 
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 New Release of Free Ada 95 Compiler/Tool Kit for DOS

Sixth Release of ez2load Ada 95 Compiler and Tutorial Kit for MS-DOS
June 16, 1996

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052
(202) 994-5919 (voice)
(202) 994-0227 (fax)

We are happy to announce the sixth release of ez2load, an easy-install
kit of free Ada 95 compilers and editors, and a shareware tutorial for
Ada 95.

This kit is intended for distribution on the July release of the
Walnut Creek Ada CD-ROM, but it is equally useful as an ftp or
diskette distribution. All components are freely distributable.

New in this release:
- GNAT version 3.05 for MS-DOS is now included. This is a _full_ Ada 95
  compiler and binder and now supports tasking. Version 3.05 depends
  on djgpp version 2, which is a much improved GCC for DOS providing
  much more robust virtual memory management.

  GNAT 3.05 can be seen as a maintenance update to GNAT 3.04.
  It fixes bugs but does not add functionality. The installer script
  (install.scr) is updated to reflect this change.

- Improved and extended versions of the AdaCAPS (DOS) and AdaIDE
  (Windows 3.1) editor/development environments. If you picked up from the fifth release (with GNAT 3.04) nothing has
  changed in AdaCAPS except the version-number references in
  the documentation. However, the AdaIDE is a new version,

- A very nice Ada 95 VGA Graphics package ( by Jerry van Dijk.
  This is an update to, and includes several nice
  demo programs, including one that draws a Mandelbrot set.

- Copies of several main user manuals are in the directory as separate
  documents: ez2load.doc, adacaps.doc, and adaide24.txt.

The next two items were included in the fifth release; nothing new.
- A new release of David Wheeler's Lovelace, a free Ada 95 tutorial
  in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). A copy of the Cello HTML
  browser for Windows is included.

- GW-Ada/Ed, the Ada 83 compiler/interpreter, is no longer a part of
  the "official" distribution, because we want to concentrate on
  Ada 95 tools. GW-Ada/Ed will remain available in a subdirectory
  at the GW ftp site (see details below), and the GW installer will
  continue to provide an option to install GW-Ada/Ed correctly.

ez2load is available by anonymous ftp at, pub/ada/ez2load,
and also in the Public Ada LIbrary at (and numerous
mirror sites), languages/ada/compiler/ez2load.

Included in the ez2load kit are:

- a menu-driven installer program

- GNAT (GNU Ada 95 Translator) for DOS, an Ada 95 compiler that runs
  under djgpp (GCC for DOS) and provides a complete implementation
  of Ada 95. A basic djgpp distribution is included in the kit and
  installed along with GNAT. The initial version of GNAT was created
  by a team at New York University. Subsequent development of the system
  and ongoing support is provided by Ada Core Technologies. Report

- AdaCAPS (Ada Computer-Aided Programming System), an interactive development
  environment for GNAT. The editor provides full support for multiple
  re-sizable windows (overlaid or tiled), mouse and keystroke interactions,
  and single-keystroke invocation of GNAT compilation, binding, and execution
  commands. Ken Price of Priceless Software, Pepperell, Mass, is the
  author of this very nice IDE, which has the "look-and-feel" of a
  Borland "Turbo" product.

- a set of simple DOS command-line commands, gcompile/glink/gexecute,
  which allow new GNAT users to do simple compilation and linking
  operations, and to execute programs in an environment that produces
  an automatic traceback in case of an unhandled exception.
  These commands are invoked by AdaCAPS but can also be run
  from the DOS command line. Charles Kann and Mchael Feldman are the

- a fast hypertext Ada 95 Reference Manual. The hypertext RM can be invoked
  from GW-GNAT, AdaCAPS and AdaIDE or used as a stand-alone program. The
  author is Arthur Vargas Lopes.

- AdaTUI, Ada Textual User Interface, a binding to PD Curses
  and a demonstration textual user interface builder package.
  The author is Alden Dima of GWU.

- VGAPack, a set of Ada 95 packages supporting VGA graphics.
  Jerry van Dijk is the author.

- AdaIDE (Ada Interactive Development Environment), an IDE that runs
  under Microsoft Windows 3.1, with the "look-and-feel" of a Microsoft
  "Visual" product. Errol Martin and Don Overheu of Canberra,
  Australia, are the authors of this IDE.

- DRGEN - a tool which allows programmers to easily generate driver programs
  for unit testing Ada packages.  This tool was written by Allan Parrish and
  David Cordes.

- Lovelace - A hypertext Ada 95 tutorial by David Wheeler.  It includes
  the Cello web browser.

- Ada-Tutor - a shareware package by John Herro, providing computer-aided
  instruction in Ada 95. This is an excellent package for those wishing
  to teach themselves Ada 95.

- GW-Ada/Ed, an integrated Ada 83 environment that provides an excellent
  way to get started with Ada. This system incorporates an editor,
  compiler and virtual-code interpreter, and a very useful multi-window
  runtime monitor. Several directories of interesting example programs
  are provided, including some nice programs to demonstrate Ada's
  multitasking capabilities. Based on NYU's Ada/Ed compiler,
  GW-Ada/Ed was developed by Charles Kann, GW doct{*filter*}student,
  and Arthur Vargas Lopes, a GW graduate now of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  As mentioned above, GW-Ada/Ed is no longer an official part of
  ez2load, but will remain available if you wish to acquire it.
  If you acquire the GW-Ada/Ed files, the installer will install
  it for you properly.

All components are free except for Ada-Tutor, which carries a shareware
fee if you decide to keep it and use it.

Acquiring ez2load by anonymous ftp:

The ez2load suite is available in these directories:   (The George Washington University)       (New York University)
                                    (Public Ada Library)

as well as multiple sites that mirror the above.

Here are all the files to copy from the ftp directory:

  README       - This readme file
  ginstall.exe - Program to do the install from a hard disk.
  dinstall.exe - Program to do the install if you use diskettes.
  install.scr  - This script files gives options to the install program.
  unzip.exe    - Info-Unzip, used to unzip distribution files.
                 (pkunzip will NOT unpack this distribution properly)
  README.DSK   - A readme file to explain how to use this distribution
                 to make a diskette distribution. - Zip file containing adatutor. - Zip files containing djgpp and GNAT - Zip file containing AdaCAPS and the GW-GNAT
                 support programs. - Zip file containing AdaIDE    - separate zipfile containing DRGEN   - separate zipfile containing AdaTUI - separate zipfile containing VGAPack

The following files are available in the subdirectory
pub/ada/ez2load/gw-adaed:   - Zip files containing GW-Ada/Ed.

Download the first six files, and any or all of the zip files, into
a "clean" single directory of your choosing, then change to that
directory and type "ginstall".

The complete zipped distribution occupies just under 13 megabytes; the
complete unpacked and installed distribution requires about 40 megabytes.
To get an idea of the individual unpacked pieces, just download
ginstall.exe and install.scr and run ginstall. It will tell you
the approximate installed sizes of the various components.

You need an MS-DOS computer with an 80386 or better CPU; 4 megabytes
minimum RAM, 8 mb preferred.

For a more detailed description of the package, please read
ez2load.doc, available in the ez2load directory.

Electronic Discussion Groups Regarding GNAT
GNAT is discussed on comp.lang.ada. There is also a mailing list.

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