Question about anonymous arrays as record components 
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 Question about anonymous arrays as record components

Hello everybody!

After having a whole night of reading e-mails replying to my question about
anonymous arrays (thanks everybody ;-), I've come to the following

  1.  Due to lack of RTFHM I was confusing anonymous types
      with unconstrained array types, and I was confusing
      unconstrained array types with constrained array types
      that don't use literals for the range specification.

  2.  There are lots of other people messing up anonymous
      arrays with lots of other Ada constructs.
      (Made me feel better!)

  3.  A few people explained awfully well and in painly detail that
      anonymous types are just that: types without a name.
      And since Ada uses strict type-checking, anonymous types are
      incompatible anything else (even two array (1..2) of Boolean
      are incompatible with each  other, for example), so they are
      not usefull at all, so they shouldn't be used, so they're
      illegal in many cases.

The reasons I 'wanted' to do thing the hard way, was my previous experience
with other programming languages, like Pascal and Modula-2 (I already managed
to forget all about C/C++). In these languages it wasn't possible to create
unconstrained array types, so you could (in Borland Pascal) create String_12
for String[12] and String_20 for String[20] etc, or use anonymous types.

Groetjes, Geert

Sat, 18 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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