Interative Tutor for Ada9X Available 
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 Interative Tutor for Ada9X Available

Hello, Everyone,

Thought the general readership of comp.lang.ada might want to know about
this one.  Enjoy!

Public Ada Library (PAL) Release Notice
Release of: Ada-Tutor 3.00 Ada83 and Ada9X Interactive Tutor
1. Taxonomy:
            ADA9X VERSION
2. Author:
    John J. Herro
    Software Innovations Technology
    1083 Mandarin Dr. NE
    Palm Bay, FL  32905-4706
3. Rights:
4. Copyright:
    (c) 1988-1994 John J. Herro
5. Certification:
     Ada System Certifier_1 1.1
     Date/Time of Processing: Wednesday 28 September 1994 09:05:51Am
     Overall Assessment of System: OK
     Classification of System: C
     Basis of Classification --
         Syntax Errors                               PASS
         Completeness                                PASS
         Independence from External Libraries        FAIL
         Independence from a Specific Ada Compiler   FAIL

     Explanations for failures --
       System withs non-standard library units that are not provided
       System contains compiler-specific pragmas or uses Machine_Code

     Number of ...
       Files               7
       Library Units      19
       Lines             891
       Statements        420
       Comments          397

     Unidentified Withed Units --
           1 unidentified withed units
     Subunits and Parent Units --
           4 parent program units
             0 missing parent units
           8 subunits
             0 subunits found but not specified
             0 subunits specified but not found
6. Abstract:
ADA-TUTR is an interactive Ada tutor program, from Software Innovations
Technology, used to train people to be Ada programmers.  Starting with
Version 3.00, ADA-TUTR covers both Ada83 and Ada9X.

ADA-TUTR is not just a "quiz," it is a thorough course of interactive
instruction that even checks "homework" assignments.  ADA-TUTR
concentrates on teaching good program design, not just syntax, so that
programs will take advantage of the features of Ada that make them
more reliable and easier to maintain.  ADA-TUTR was written by John J.
Herro, Ph.D., who taught a graduate course in Ada at the State
University of New York at Binghamton, and taught Ada to employees of
General Electric Co. and Grumman Aerospace Corp.

When ADA-TUTR is run on a PC, an Ada compiler is helpful, but not
required.  A list of Ada compilers available for the PC, some of them
inexpensive, is included.  The PC needs a hard disk or a 3 1/2" disk,
and can have a monochrome or color monitor.  Since ADA-TUTR comes with
Ada source code, it will run on other computers with Ada compilers.
It has been brought up on DEC VAX computers using DEC Ada and SUN 3
workstations using Verdix Ada, to name a couple.

ADA-TUTR is marketed as "Shareware," which means that individuals,
schools, and companies may try the program without charge, making and
distributing as many copies as desired.  To use the program after a
free trial, an individual registers for a small one-time charge.
An organization buys a license for a one-time charge.
7. Release Notice:
This prologue must be included in all copies of this software.

This software is copyright by the author.

This software is released as shareware.
8. Directory Listing:

  File Name                 Size
  ---------                 ----
  README                     952           341,955

  ==============  ==============
    2 Files              342,907

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