Alternate sources of the public VMS GNAT kit ? 
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 Alternate sources of the public VMS GNAT kit ?

[Crossposted between comp.lang.ada and comp.os.vms. I have previously asked
this on comp.os.vms without anyone knowing an answer.]

I have installed the public VMS GNAT kit from NYU on an Alpha running VMS 7.2.
The kit appears to be missing GDB. According to ACT, there is a public GDB
kit for VMS, but it appears to have been removed from NYU. I contacted NYU
a couple of weeks ago with this information, but have received no response.

Does anybody know of a GNAT mirror that carries this kit ? I have tried
several without success.

Thanks for any information,



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Mon, 10 Nov 2003 02:06:17 GMT  
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