real time sharing of files by Ada and C on DEC system 
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 real time sharing of files by Ada and C on DEC system


> I have a requirement to open a file in Ada.  As the data is being placed in the file by the Ada program, a second file is opened
> which identifies which data elements in the first go together.  There are several data sets in the file.  I have a requirement to
> generate a C program on a DEC system to access both files and pull out a particular data set as the Ada program is still running.

> Any pointers or experience doing something like this?  I need to know what key words and tricky phrases to look for in the manuals
> to make sure the two programs can use the files at the same time.

Since you don't further qualify "DEC system" I will presume VMS.
Just make sure your "FORM" parameter on the Ada OPEN call specifies
that the appropriate level of file sharing is permitted. Once a record
has been written by Ada, it will be accessible to C (or any other language),
even though the file is still open for write.

Of course you have to take the same precautions with your C program.

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