AWS - new version available 
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 AWS - new version available

There is a new version of AWS on my homepage.

AWS stand for Ada Web Server, it implements the HTTP/1.1 protocol
(with some support for HTTP/1.0). It is an HTTP component that can
makes your application answer to request from a Web browser.

This new version is mostly a bug fix release.

What's new:

- it uses a "fixed" port of the Win32 sockets package which is now fully
  compatible wih the UNIX sockets packages from ENST.
  The new Sockets package is available from my homepage.

Now it is straight forward to build AWS under Linux, Solaris or whatever

Thanks to Jean-Fran?ois Rameau for his feedbacks and bug reports.

Have a nice week-end,


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Wed, 10 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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