Business Week (12/6/99 issue) aritcle on Software Quality 
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 Business Week (12/6/99 issue) aritcle on Software Quality

Fellow members of the Ada community:

I do not know if any of you have seen the 12/6
issue of Business Week, but it has a
feature article on poor software quality. This
article is specifically focused on the cost to
business/drag on the economy caused by buggy
software. There is a 1-page article on
Watts Humphrey which compares him to Deming and
briefly describes the SEI.

I think that it would be a very good idea for the
members of this forum to write Business
Week, or perhaps even get an interview with the
authors of this story (what about it, Mr.
Riehle? Mr. Taft?), to describe the benefits of
Ada. I doubt that the folks at BW know
anything about Ada or how it was designed to help
this problem; I didn't see any mention
of Ada when I scanned this article, but I haven't
read it in depth yet.

If the costs of poor quality software are so bad
that BW has noticed and devoted a
feature article to it, perhaps the tide can yet
turn in Ada's favor.

- Michael Card

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Syracuse, NY 13221
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