New Ada Article Abstracts Released 
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 New Ada Article Abstracts Released

An updated version of the Ada Information Clearinghouse's flyer
"Ada Article Abstracts" is now available in the /public/ada-info
directory on the AJPO host computer.  The July version of this
flyer contains abstracts of the following articles:

Brosgol, B. "Exceptions, exceptions," Defense Electronics, July
1992, pp. 27-28.

Schwartz, K.D. "Used throughout DoD, this Ada code writer is free,"
Government Computer News, June 22, 1992, Vol. 11, No. 13, p. 70.

Reilly, L. "fortran for an on-time SDI?" Washington Technology,
June 18, 1992, Vol. 7, No. 6, pp. 1, 18.

Popov, A. et al. "Pallada system," Ada Letters, Vol. XII, No. 3,
May/June 1992, pp. 117-125.

Shen, J. Cormack, G. V. "On generic formal package parameters in
Ada 9X," Ada Letters. Vol. XII, No. 3, May/June, 1992, pp. 110-116.

Wade, David M. "Designing for reuse: a case study,"  Ada Letters.
Vol. XII, No. 3, May/June 1992, pp. 92-98.

AdaData, U.S. Ada market to exceed $1.2 billion this year, Vol. 10,
No. 5, May 1992, pp. 1-5.

Mayer, John H. "Aiding and ABETing a coherent testing environment,"
Military and Aerospace Electronics, May 1992, pp 23-26.

Hirasuna, M. "Using inheritance and ploymorphism with Ada in
government sponsored contracts," Ada Letters. Vol XII, No. 2,
March/April 1992, pp. 43-56.

Beidler, J. Relaxing the constraints on Ada's limited private types
through functional expressions," Ada Letters, Vol. XII, No. 2,
March/April 1992, pp. 57-61.

Seidewitz, E. "Object-oriented programming with mixins in Ada," Ada
Letters, Vol. XII, No. 2, March/April, 1992, pp. 76-90.


FTP will work for hosts on the Internet, which includes DDN and
MILNET.   The remote host with which FTP is to communicate can be
specified on the command line that invokes FTP. In that case, FTP
will immediately attempt to connect to the host. Once the
connection has been established, FTP enters its command
interpreter, which is indicated by the ftp> prompt. If FTP is
invoked without a host argument, it will enter the command
interpreter right away. An example FTP connection follows.

[your-prompt] ftp
     execute ftp from your remote site.
name: anonymous
     login using "anonymous"
password: guest                          
     enter password of "guest"
ftp> cd public                            
     change to the "public" sub-directory
ftp> dir
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ftp> cd [sub-directory]
     change to the sub-directory of your choice
ftp> dir                                  
     view a list of available files
ftp> get file1.hlp [newname.hlp]          
     get "file1.hlp" from ftp and copy it to "newname.hlp" on your
ftp> mget file1...fileN                  
     get multiple files from ftp and load them onto your machine
     with the same names.
ftp> bye                                  
     logout when finished.

For more help information on the AJPO host, type "get README" and
"get README.FTP" after an ftp connection is made.


            Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC)
c/o IIT Research Institute, 4600 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD  20706
         703/685-1477, 800/AdaIC-11, FAX 703/685-7019

   The Ada Joint Program Office provides sponsorship for the AdaIC.

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