INFO-ADA Digest - 23 Nov 1993 to 24 Nov 1993 - Special issue 
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 INFO-ADA Digest - 23 Nov 1993 to 24 Nov 1993 - Special issue

Joe Wisniewski writes...

  Taking this issue one step further, I'd like to hear personal testimonials
  from engineers who have _used_ "any language"-to-Ada translator that has
   resulted in the generation of _maintainable_ Ada software. I am primarily
   interested in how packages are derived from languages that don't implement
  this construct and the implication that poorly designed packages results in
   a poor design.

   I should say that I am interested in seeing how it has been done well. I
   seen too many cases where it has not been done well. This may end up begging
   the question, "Can it be done well?".

Try looking at the Verilog Geode/AGE SDL to Ada generator. SDL is the synonym
for Specification and Design Language which is a C.C.I.T.T. recommendation
(Z.100) describing the functionality of a system in terms of concurrent
processes. The code generated by the system is readable, maintainable, and
easily configurable. The user enters his design in either "C like" textural
constructs. The SDL run-time system is configured and the code is then
generated. Some tailoring of any external interfaces is required but all-in-all
I find the quality of the generated code to be good. (Unlike trying to read the
C code generated from an "awk" file by the awkcc program! ;-)

  Bob Wells                  "C makes it easy for you to shoot yourself in
                              the foot. C++ makes that harder, but when you
                              do, it blows away your whole leg."

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