Final prog: Objective Software Quality Symposium 1995 
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 Final prog: Objective Software Quality Symposium 1995

Dear Colleague,

in this email is contained the **final** **programme** of the Symposium
Objective Quality 1995, May 29-31 (2nd Symposium on Software Quality
Techniques and Acquisition Criteria) with the details of the **associated**
**events** of IBM, Olivetti and UNINFO.  In the Symposium the results
produced from the most important European Projects in field of quality and
quality process assessment and improvement will be presented (e.g., ESSI
experiences of university/research centers (CNR-IEI, CQ_ware-CESVIT,
Politecnico di Torino, QualityLab, Scuola Superiore G.  Reiss Romoli,
Tecnopolis CSATA, Universita' di Firenze, University of Lancaster,
University of Oulu, etc.), and those of European industries (ALENIA, ARTIS,
BULL, Cap Volmac, Data Management, ENEL, ETNOTEAM, FIAT, ISMES, Objectif
Tecnologie, SIA, SIEMENS, SINTEF DELAB, TechForce BV, etc.).

With the symposium additional three events have also been organized.  The
first two are devoted to the presentation of the IBM and Olivetti
activities, respectively, in the field of quality.  The latter concerns to
the presentation of the UNINFO (Italian National Body of ISO) standards.
The mixture of research institutes, companies and European projects make the
symposium a good occasion.  Thus, I trust that researchers and practitioners
will find several opportunities for exchanging their ideas and for tracking
the path to reach the objective of quality.

Please accept my apologies about the reception of multiple instances of
this note, while if you find this event interesting for you of for your
colleagues please consider participating as well as to redistribute this
information to your colleagues, and on mailing list.

I hope to see you in Florence next May.

P. Nesi
Conference Chair


                      Objective Quality 1995

          The 2nd Symposium on Software Quality Techniques and
                       Acquisition Criteria

                    29-31 May, Florence, Italy

Organized by:

   o Area of Research - CNR (Council National Research), Italy
   o CESVIT, Agency for High Technology
   o Department of Systems and Informatics, University of Florence
   o QualityLab Consortium

The proceedings will be published as a Lecture Notes in Computer
Science, Springer Verlag.

The syposium is supported by: Banca Toscana, IBM Semea, Il Sole 24 Ore,
Olivetti, SUN Microsystem, promoted by: De Qualitate Qualita' (AICQ, Italian
Association for Quality), Toolnews, ZeroUno (Mondadori Informatica), and
with the defence of Distretto Tecnologico del Canavese, Hi-Tech Network
(Tuscany Network Hi-Tech), Pmi Market & Marketing, Qseal (Quality Seal,
consortium for software certification), TABOO (Italian association for
Object Oriented Technologies), UNINFO (partner italiano dell'ISO).

                         *****29 May*****

-- Chair: P. Nesi, University of Florence, Italy    

8:45 Opening

9:00 -- The Impact of Software Quality
   G. Bucci, University of Florence, Italy

10:00 -- Bootstrap: A Software Process Assessment and Improvement
   P. Kuvaja, Dept. of Inf. Proc. Sci., University of Oulu, Finland

11:00 coffee break

11:15 -- Quantitative Approach to Software Process Improvement
   A. Kuntzmann-Combelles, Objectif Tecnologie,  France

12:15 lunch

-- Section Chair: A. Serra, ASIC

14:00 -- The SPICE Project: An International Standard for Software
   Process Assessment, Improvement and Capability Determination
   T. Coletta, Software Quality Assurance Laboratory      
               Tecnopolis CSATA Novus Ortus, Italy

14:45 -- Quality Estimation of Software Applications for Banking
   M. Campanai, CESVIT/CQ_ware, Italy
   E. Ferretti, V. Valori, Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Italy

15:30 coffee break

15:45 -- Software Quality of Use: Evaluation by MUSiC
   L. Binucci, Data Management spa, Italy

-- Associated event of IBM --

16:45 -- Test Methodology for Networking Software - A Practical Experience
   L. Moreno, Rome Networking Software Laboratory IBM Semea

17:45 -- Quality in OS/2 Warp Life-Cycle
   S. Harnett, IBM, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

                         *****30 May*****

-- Section Chair: A. Cicu, QualityLab

9:00 -- Validating Software Requirements Using Operational Models
   G. Bruno, R. Agarwal, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

10:00 -- Development of a Model for Reusability Assessment
   T. Stalhane, SINTEF DELAB, Norway

11:00 coffee break

11:15 -- The Impact of Reuse on Software Quality
   E.-A. Karlsson, Q-Labs, Sweden
   J.-M. Morel, Bull S.A., France

12:15 lunch

-- Section Chair: G. Bruno, Politecnico di Torino

14:00 -- Practical Guidelines for Ada Reuse in an Industrial Environment
   I. Sommerville, Lancaster University, UK
   L. Masera, SIA, Italy
   C. Demaria, Alenia, Italy

15:00 -- Process Quality Problems from the Point of View of the User
   and of the Purchaser of Software
   A. Cicu, QualityLab, Italy

16:00 coffee break

16:15 -- Object-Oriented Design of the UPT Service: Evaluation of the
   Design Quality and Experience Learned
   G. Lofrumento, S. Pileri, Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli, Italy

-- Associated event of Olivetti --

17:15 -- Validation & Delivery Services: an Extension to the Quality
   Assurance Phase of Custom Projects
   M. Bologna, Olivetti

                         *****31 May*****

-- Section Chair: A. Bertolino, IEI-CNR

9:00 -- Recent Industrial Experiences with Software Product Metrics
   G. Bakker, F. P. Hirdes, TechForce BV, The Netherlands

10:00 -- Quality Measurement of Software Products: an Experience about
   a Large Automation System
   A. Spinelli, D. Pina, P. Salvaneschi, ISMES SpA, Italy
   E. Crivelli, R. Meda, ENEL/DSR-CRA, Italy

11:00 coffee break

11:15 -- Benefits of Using Model-based Testing Tools
   G. Bruno, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
   M. Varani, ARTIS, Italy
   W. Vico, FIAT Auto Mains, Italy
   C. Offerman, Cap Volmac, The Netherlands

12:15 lunch

-- Section Chair: M. Campanai, CESVIT/CQ_ware

14:00 -- Software Testing for Dependability Assessment
   A. Bertolino, IEI-Ist. di Elab. della Informazione del CNR, Italy

15:00 -- Quantifying the Benefits of Software Testing:
   an Experience Report from the GSM Application Domain
   G. Bazzana, Etnoteam, Italy
   R. Del Miglio, A. Lora, Siemens Telecom, Italy
   O. Balestrini, S. Finetti, Etnoteam, Italy

16:00 coffee break

-- Associated event of UNINFO --

16:15 -- Strutture Normative Nazionali ed Internazionali nel Settore
   G. Fogaroli, UNINFO

16:45 -- Standard Internazionali a Supporto della Qualita' e
   dell'acquisizione  del software
   M. Costamagna, CSELT
   M. Caracciolo, FINSIEL

17:15 -- Ciclo di Vita e Qualita' dei Sistemi Basati sulla Conoscenza:
   Esigenze e Prospettive
   G. Guida, Universita' di Brescia

17:45 -- Conference closure

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The conference cost is 900.000 Italian Lire + IVA for the whole
conference (three days) or 350.000 Italian Lire + vat for each single
day, and it is comprised of coffee breaks, lunches, proceedings as
LNCS Springer Verlag.  

For students, the cost is 300.000 Italian Lire + vat (three days) or
120.000 Italian Lire + vat (for single day), and it is comprised of
coffee breaks, proceedings as LNCS Springer Verlag.

A special discount will be applied for conventioned associations.

The conference attenders will be supported by a conference kit,
simultaneous bidirectional translations, access to the demon-
stration/exposition area and to the associated events in the field of
quality of IBM, Olivetti, UNINFO.  The schedule of these events has
been directly reported in tthe programme.

For further information about events and details in general, hotel
costs, etc., please don't hesitate to contact the Organization

  Consulta Umbria  (Objective Quality 1995)
  Piazza Italia, 9
  06121 Perugia, Italy
  Tel: +39-(0)75-5720608      Fax: +39-(0)75-5721913

Otherwise you can get the registration form, the hotel reservation
form, and a more detailed version of the program through WWW:

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~nesi/oq95.html



otherwise you can get the programme detailed, the registration forms
and other information on the anonymous ftp:

into directory /oq95, though
you can directly contact the Chairman:

  Paolo Nesi
  Department of Systems and Informatics, University of Florence
  Via S. Marta, 3
  50139 Florence, Italy
  Fax: +39-(0)55-4796363 / +39-(0)55-4796730


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