HELP... need info on Ada Conversion...PLEASE 
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 HELP... need info on Ada Conversion...PLEASE

  I am currently confronting a need to train a number of my existing
  staff in Ada, a language that I must acknowledge we have little or
  no background. This need is based upon our desire to assist in the
  conversion of an application our firm helped develop in VAX/COBOL,
  and is now being converted to Ada for use by the government.

  My staff in this case are journeyman programmer/analysts with skill
  in the VAX/COBOL and "c" arena, but with virtually no Ada exposure.

  We intend to recruit a number of additional staff with Ada skills,
  but also wish to utilize the application knowledge, we developed in
  the initial software development project.

  My major areas of need are:

                1. Advice in regard to the selection and use of
                   Ada training packages;

                   (preferably operational in a PC environment)

                2. Suggestions in regard to where to locate and
                   recruit experienced Ada personnel, ideally with
                   commercial or manufacturing backgrounds;

                3. Feedback in regard to reasonable levels of
                   compensation for staff involved in a long term
                   project ( >20 months );

                4. Estimates based upon anyone's direct experience
                   about desirable ratios of staff in this case where
                   an existing system is being converted by a team of
                   staff composed of pre-existing staff with the
                   Application background knowledge and Ada Language
                   specialists that will lack exposure to the previous
                   software development effort;

  Any advice or knowledge you can share in regard to one or more of
  the above items will be genuinely appreciated. If it is easier to
  reach me directly by phone please feel free to call me COLLECT.


  Joseph J. Spatafora                       (813)  886-8700
  Technical Manager                         M-F 8:30-5:00PM
  Computer Dynamics, Inc. of Florida
  2701 N. Rocky Point Dr.,  Suite 800
  Tampa, Florida 33607                  FAX (813)  882-4020

Sat, 17 Oct 1992 22:20:00 GMT  
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