Problem with defining *BIG* arrays using Verdix Ada on Apollo - Help Please 
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 Problem with defining *BIG* arrays using Verdix Ada on Apollo - Help Please

I have a need to define a 1-4 Meg array in a procedure as follows:

procedure MEG_ARRAY is

   type Byte is range 0..255;
   for Byte'Size use 8;

   type Byte_array is array(integer range <>) of Byte;

    My_array : Byte_array(1..1024*1024);

   for i in My_array'RANGE
       -- Do something impresive!
   end loop;

When I try to run the program, I get a STORAGE_ERROR.  I am using Verdix
Ada Ver 3.0 on an Apollo (SR10.2b).   I have tried defining a bigger stack
than the default (using apollo's CONFIG_.A package).  No luck.

    I would very much appreciate any pointers/suggestions.

                                                           Thank you,


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Fri, 19 Mar 1993 16:27:00 GMT  
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