Lack of "D Tests", "E Tests", and "L Tests" for Generics 
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 Lack of "D Tests", "E Tests", and "L Tests" for Generics

As I mentioned in my previous message, the Ada Compiler Validation
Capability (ACVC) tests are divided up into 6 categories: A, B, C, D,
E, and L. The current version of the ACVC -- as far as I and some
others can tell -- contains:

        - 4 programs containg "A Tests" specifically for generics

        - 185 programs containing "B Tests" specifically for generics

        - 110 programs containing "C Tests" specifically for generics

However, there are _no_ programs which contain D Tests, E Tests, and L
tests specifically for generics. [I have looked, and so have others,
but I may be missing the obvious.] This raises the following series of

        1. D Tests are capacity tests. Is it possible to do "capacity"
           testing for generics? (I would think so.) If so, are these
           tests obviated by the testing done elsewhere in the ACVC,
           or is the ACVC actually deficient in this area?

        2. E Tests are supposed to check implementation-dependent
           features and ambiguities in Ada compilers. I know that
           these tests are very possible in regard to generics. Are
           these tests obviated by some other (i.e., non-Chapter 12)
           tests in the ACVC?

        3. L Tests are expected to fail at link time. Again, these
           type of tests should be relatively easy to generate for
           generics, but I cannot find any L Tests for generics in the
           current version of the ACVC. Are these tests taken care of
           elsewhere in the ACVC?

                                -- Ed Berard
                                   Berard Software Engineering, Inc.
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Wed, 25 Nov 1992 02:20:39 GMT  
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