B-Splines & Nurbs: Precise & Concise Curves for Cosmo & Web 3D 
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 B-Splines & Nurbs: Precise & Concise Curves for Cosmo & Web 3D

 B-splines allow small, compact data files to generate
disproportionately higher quality models than polygon meshes ...

 The relatively popular, reliable & standard compliant Cosmo vrml
plug-in viewer -- unfortunately -- doesn't support curved, nurb-based
models ... fortunately that deficiency can be -- and has been -- overcome.

 These __ Seven __ lines of code generate higher quality curved surfaces
from a compact, concise & precise set of B-spline Control Points:

  public void initialize( )

       n                              =
            Field_Int_Number   );
       bezierMatrix           =
ierMatrix(             n             );
       splineIndexValues   =  generateSplineIndexValues(    n             );

     setVRMLSplineCoordinateIndexValues(   splineIndexValues         );
            p   =  getFloatArrayFromField(  Field_ControlPoints, CP_len );
            pt  =  calculatePatches(         p,  bezierMatrix    );
    setVRMLCoordPointValues(       pt                           );

 For the VRML animation & code ( the above are calls to Java methods ) :

" Nurbs for Cosmo & B-Splines for ALL Web  (Java enabled) devices "
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/nurbs.html
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/Bezier.java

 ** Warning:  Microsoft's Internet Explorer crashes, use Netscape.

 The VRML file and program source and executable files are
available for immediate & unrestricted download & use.

  -- Requires a VRML plug-in and Java and scripting enabled (to run).

 They are striking similar to Evgeny Demidov's program & VRML file:
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~demidov/VRML/Splines/Splines.htm
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~demidov/VRML/Splines/Bezier.java
  ( Thank's Doc ! ) -- which he graciously made freely available.

   I've restructured the program in preparation to porting it from
the VRML Script Node with Java to VRML plug-in ( since it
crashes on some combinations of Cosmo / Cortina / Contact  and
Windows  CE/ME/NT /95/98/2000/XP -- not surprising  )

 I'll port it to a  'pure Java'  version so it will run * without * crashing
on Windows - Linux - Macintosh, and to Java3D so it can run with
hardware support on Windows and higher end machines including
Linux, & other Unix based workstations from SGI, HP, IBM, & Sun.

 Also on the page is a 'pure java' B-spline Curve & Control Points Viewer.

 It lets you view & rotate the famous Utah Teapot ( which appeared in
Toy Story -- and everywhere  ) and a sphere -- as Spline Curves and
( alternately ) you can view the boxy Control Points structures from
which those curves are defined -- by __ double-clicking __ on the
clearly marked List items.

 This is a new page, I just it up today ( Monday, February 19, 2001 ).

 I hope you enjoy it, and that some of those interested in
contributing to the success of VRML animation on the web
can benefit from it -- and will join with Evgeny in his noble
quest to make a free, portable, VRML Spline Editor.

  -- Paul,  Java Developer & Web Animator.
 "Imaging the Imagined : Modeling with Math & a Keyboard"

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