CFP: ECAI Workshop, Intelligent Virtual Environments 
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 CFP: ECAI Workshop, Intelligent Virtual Environments

Call for Participation

ECAI-98 Workshop on Intelligent Virtual Environments

Aug 25th, Brighton, UK

Work in VEs and in AI/ALIFE has largely been carried out by two different
groups of people with different preoccupations and interests. Yet some
convergence is now apparent between the two fields. Work in distributed
VEs requires interaction between a number of active participants at a much
higher level than that between a single participant and passive components
of the VE. Applications in which activity independent of the user takes
place - involving crowds or other agents - are beginning to be tackled.
Synthetic agents, virtual humans and computer pets (such as Creatures) are
all areas in which VE and AI/ALife techniques require strong integration.
The two communities have much to learn from each other if wheels are not
to be reinvented on both sides.

This workshop will address the issues arising from combining Artificial
Intelligence and Artificial Life techniques with those of Virtual
Environments to produce Intelligent Virtual Environments (IVEs). IVEs may
be thought of in a variety of ways including: an environment which
provides knowledge to direct or assist the user rather than relying
entirely on the user's knowledge and skills; one in which the user is
represented by a partially autonomous avatar; one containing intelligent
agents separate from the user; one which adapts to the requirements of the
user, and so on.
The following questions will be considered (but you are free to raise others!):

€  Is there any contradiction between the concept of Direct Manipulation
and an  IVE?
€  What applications require an IVE?
€  What aspects of the Virtual Environment require what types of intelligence?
€  What AI/ALIFE techniques are of particular use to an IVE and how can
they  be applied?
€  What are the main real-time constraints on introducing intelligence into VEs?
€  What tools and platforms are most appropriate to the creation of IVEs?
How    can VE and AI/ALIFE tools be combined?
€   What VE technology can be used to tackle issues of 'believability' for
agents   in an IVE?

In order to promote a workshop (rather than mini-conference) atmosphere,
prospective participants are asked to submit a position paper addressing
one or more of these questions with reference to an outline IVE,
This is a townscape in which the user can play a number of roles, of which
the following are examples:

- as a student, walking to a nearby library to look up some information
(and possibly asking a passerby for directions?)
- as an electrician, trying to synchronise two pairs of traffic lights
- as a 'crossing attendant' helping schoolchildren to cross the road at
the traffic lights
- as a shop assistant
- as a shopper taking the bus to go to a department store.
- Dogs, cats or birds may be present.
- The townscape may also contain natural events: for example weather (e.g.
rain), burst water main, building on fire, crowd walking to football

Note that you need only consider a subset of these suggestions and are
free to invent other plausible roles or aspects within the townscape
framework. You may of course relate the questions and the Brightown
scenario to work of your own.

Please submit a detailed abstract (approx. 1500 words) or a full paper
(limited to 5000 words) by 23rd of March 1998. Submissions via e-mail are
encouraged, in HTML, Postcript, or plain text format to Ruth Aylett

please send hard copy to:

Ruth Aylett, CVE, Business House, University of Salford, Salford, M5 4WT,
UK, to arrive by 23rd of March 1998.

Papers will be reviewed by the programme committee, based on originality,
adequacy of method, and significance of findings. Selection will seek to
balance perspective and interests of participants.

The best submissions will be considered for inclusion in a special issue
of the journal Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Submissions due: March 23rd
Notification: May 1st
Camera-ready copy: June 1st


Programme Committee

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This CFP and further information can be found on the web at:

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