Problem with 20MB(ascii) VRML file, Cortona 2.2, IE5, W98 
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 Problem with 20MB(ascii) VRML file, Cortona 2.2, IE5, W98


I am currently using CosmoPlayer 2.1 (MS IE5 with W98 and NT 4)
plugin for the Internet Explorer and GLView (blaxxun) as a standalone
vrml browser (NT 4 and W98). With both I am able to view also big
VRML scenes sized up to 20MB ASCII.
After installing Cortona 2.2 (W98, MS IE5) I have got some blue
screens or after reboot a not responding Internet Explorer while
trying to load a big scene (20MB). Smaller scene (4 MB) loads ok.
I am on a Pentium III 600 MHz with 512 MB RAM and Elsa Gloria II
graphic card (64 MB RAM), so I don't think, that there is a memory
problem (no textures in the scenes).

I am considering a change of my VRML environment to Cortona 2.2,
but beside the problem described above, I am also getting different
interaction behaviour (e.g. very sensitive mouse for the depth
movement of an object - can't control it properly).

Do any of you work with very big sized scenes and interactions and
have decided to change the plugin from CosmoPlayer to Cortona 2.2?
Should the interactive (moving of objects) VRML scenes which worked
well with Cosmo be adapted to the new plugin ? Or should I better
stay with Cosmo and GLView until the next version of Cortona?

Maybe someone of you has already done all the testing
necessary for making a decision about a change of the VRML
software environment to Cortona 2.2 and can share his experience
with me?
Cortona is using Direct3D, enabling stereoscopic view on most
3D graphic cards supporting shutter glasses - that is why I would
like to use it, but I will, only if I don't have to change the scenes and
the scripting to adapt them to Cortona, and if I succeed in loading
also big sized VRML scenes.

Thank you in advance

Klaudius Grzondziel

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 21:42:52 GMT  
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