Info: Web3D Repository updates 2001.03.04 
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 Info: Web3D Repository updates 2001.03.04

The Web3D Repository is a noncommercial resource for the Web3D community
provided by the Web3D Consortium located at:


By listing the products below, Web3D Consortium and the Web3D Repository are
only providing information, and are not endorsing any of these products.
n.b. the following updates will be realised in the Repository  Monday
2:07am PST.


this week: 2001.03.04

New entries:


MacLookat (Chris Morley)
MacLookat is a vrml 97 viewer for the Mac OS by Michael Louka. It can be
used to view, and interact with, 3D objects and virtual worlds defined using
the VRML file format. It supports most of the ISO VRML97 standard, including
almost complete support for the JavaScript scripting interface and is
therefore capable of displaying most interactive, animated, VRML content.
MacLookat is based on OpenVRML by Chris Morley and the Open VRML Advancement
League (OVAL). The source code to MacLookat and OpenVRML is available from
the OpenVRML web site.




Poser 4 ( Curious Labs)
Poser 4 is a 3D-character animation and design tool for artists and
animators. Users can create images, movies, and posed 3D figures from a
diverse collection of fully articulated 3D human and animal models.
Libraries of pose settings, {*filter*} expressions, hand gestures, and swappable
clothing are included as well. Posing and animating is fast and easy with
Poser's unique interface.

Use Poser Pro Pack.
The Pro Pack offers a combination of robust plug-ins that enable the hosting
of Poser scene files inside of 3DstudioMax? and LightWave?, exporters to
generate 2D Flash animation, and web deployable 3D characters via Viewpoint
output, and delivers added core functionality such as Motion Blur,
Multi-pane Views, and fully scriptable application control through a python
Interface. New Figure Set-Up tools make it easy to create new characters
from any geometry. From creating 2D Flash and streaming 3D for the web, or
integrating Poser scenes into powerful 3D tools, the Pro Pack transforms
Poser 4 into a character animation powerhouse.


Imports 3DS models for display in Flash. Some internal modeling with text
fonts and primitives.


Verse (open source)
Vectra3D is a powerful new technology which lets anyone add amazing
vector-based 3D images and animations to their Flash movies


Updated entries

libVRML97/xmlookat is now

OpenVRML ( Chris Morley )
OpenVRML is a free cross-platform runtime for VRML available under the GNU
Lesser General Public License. The basic OpenVRML distribution includes
libraries you can use to add VRML support to an application, and Lookat, a
simple stand-alone VRML browser.

kiwano (Andrew Reitemeyer)
The Virtuum http://www.*-*-*.com/             - artist
Geometrek   http://www.*-*-*.com/                  - Company Secretary
TheWeb3D Repository http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;- Librarian

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