New book demos Scenegraph, Picking in 3d VRML w. Sun VRML Loaders 
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 New book demos Scenegraph, Picking in 3d VRML w. Sun VRML Loaders

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Sun, 22 Aug 2004 18:01:02 GMT  
 New book demos Scenegraph, Picking in 3d VRML w. Sun VRML Loaders

>  My version of the Sun vrml Loaders run exactly
> as I have described.

It looks like, we don't have a simple fork here.
Maybe we have a fork into 3 pieces ?

1. The original Sun VRML Loaders
   this is open source

2. Pauls advanced version of the VRML Loaders
   this is not open source (yet ?)

3. Justins advanced/rewritten version of the VRML Loader
   commonly known as Xj3D Milestone 1-4, this is open source

Maybe, there is a additional fork in J3DFly ?

I think, it would produce less confusion, if we say more clearly,
about what version of the VRML Loaders we talk.

If you fork software projects, it is the task of the "forker", to show
this action clear. I decided to attach something to the project name for
dune/white_dune, maybe this is too much, but at least we need to talk
about version numbers or something

BTW: why the files are named
     and not something like
       vrml97_versionnumber.jar/xj3d_versionnumber.jar ?

It is not good, when we adress a open source project and a closed source
project with the same name. It is clear, this can cause dispute and anger.

We can talk about Justins versions as "Xj3D Milestone something", but how
to differ the others ?

>  It's wrong for Justin to disparage the good code
> that Sun wrote for you

"Not designed here" is a major disease of the software industry and
a big questionmark behind all sentences about software reuse 8-(

Sometimes i think, there are two types of programmers: the one maintains
100000 line of code of decades old fortran code by changing one byte
after 3 weeks of debugging while the other solves the same problem
by throwing 40000 lines away and write 10000 new lines in a half year 8-)

But i think it is legal to make redesigns of open source software.

In a keynote, Richard M. Stallmann (a major founder of the open source
movement (he call it "free software")) told about the early days of
programming. He said, it was usual at this time to "{*filter*}ize" the
programs of others. He said, this was one of the key things, that leaded
him to the idea of open source.

The target between a project like j3dfly and a X3D browser is very
different, i am not so sure, a rewrite was not necessary.

If you believe in the sentence of medical science "the one who heals is
right" 8-) Justins decision to rewrite code is justified by the fact, his
version can do more than the orginal sun loaders today.

>  The Sun VRML Loaders can be used to animate
> Web3d's H-Anim Avatars, in a browser, or out,
> on Windows, On Linux, Solaris, and other Unixes.
> ( I haven't verified Solaris and other Unixes. )

java3d on Unix "only" exist on PC Linux, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, SUN Solaris and
HP UX, but not on DEC/Compaq True64, SCO Unix, *BSD, Novell Netware,
SuperUX, Unicos, NextStep, MacOS-X and others.

But i would be careful, to talk about portability if you never tested
the program on anything else than one (little endian) processor.
For example, a test of xj3d-m4 crashed with a coredump on my IRIX machine,
while the same works under PC Linux....

A few years ago i had the task to let a big program run under PC Linux,
SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, DEC/Compaq True64 and HP UX, SUN Solaris.
The last tested system was SUN Solaris and this was the only system, it
crashed 8-(

> --- there is a war on ---

All the time In the last thousands of years, there was war on this
planet 8-(

so long
Sie koennen diese gesunden Wirkungen, die WAV Akten benutzt, auch benutzen
           (aus einem Softwarehandbuch, Stichworte: sound effect)

Mon, 23 Aug 2004 00:10:10 GMT  
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