Dynamic VRML Dead in the Pocket 
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 Dynamic VRML Dead in the Pocket

Its a shame, but vrml is dead in te Pocket where most of the Web
Applications are going to reside in the future.  Unless anyone knows
different it is not possible to automate VRML worlds on the the Pocket
PC with current Pocket PC  VRML viewers  (i.e. Cortona)

a) There are no Pocket PC Browsers (i.e. PIE for the dominat PocketPC)
which support embedded VRML nor  with Javascript control of VRML

b) There are no Pocket VRML Viewers with scripted or API interfaces to
allow dynamic VRML worlds.

So developers are going to go to different technologies, D3D when it
comes out. (What a pain !)

So long VRML it was nice using you in the past !

Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:59:04 GMT  
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