Java compilation problem for EAI 
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 Java compilation problem for EAI

Hi all,
      I seem to have run into an unexpected problem. With the help from
someone in this newsgroup I have managed to locate all (at least I think
so) the necessary classes in order to compile EAI java code but now I have
a different problem. What I have done so far is to unzip all the classes
(i.e. the files and into a directory that I
called 'compile' and then tried to compile my java code in there.
Effectively in this way I don't need to set the classpath at all since
everything happens in the same directory... The problem is that although
compilation seeems to terminate (I compile under Linux although I use
CosmoPlayer2.1 for windows) but although no problems appear there is NO
.class file coming out. Anyone know why ?

        S. Kapetanakis


Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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