Help Needed : Using native methods in Java Script Nodes in Netscape 4.0/Cosmo 2.0 
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 Help Needed : Using native methods in Java Script Nodes in Netscape 4.0/Cosmo 2.0

I am trying to write java script nodes for my vrml worlds which use
native methods using the JNI (Java Native Interface). This requires
implementations of the native methods to be placed in DLL's. In order
to do this use muts load the DLL when the class in initialised with a
static initialiser thus:

public class WinCube extends Script
    public native byte[] getData(int w, int h);

        System.loadLibrary("WinCube");        // WinCube.dll implements


However I cannot get this to work in Netscape 4.0/Cosmo 2.0/ Windows
95 because the java class does not have rights to load native method

Is there a way around this problem ?

I have tried looking for options in Netscape to turn on the rights for
local applets but cannot find any, and I do not know much about Java

The actual error message shown in the java console is:

# Security Exception: checklink:WinCube
java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: security.checklink: WinCube
#  UniversalLinkAccess privilege not enabled: Using native code stored
in dynamically linked libraries

Tue, 27 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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