ShapeViz 1.1, GIS Vector Viewer/VRML 97 Converter Now Available 
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 ShapeViz 1.1, GIS Vector Viewer/VRML 97 Converter Now Available

Hello all,

This announcement is for those of you who are involved or interested in
GIS applications.  We've just finished an application which handles
visualization and conversion of GIS vector data to a number of formats,
including vrml 97.

ShapeViz 1.1 can be downloaded from the following web location:


What the tool is:

1)  A compact tool for viewing layers of Shape files, with an
easy-to-use GUI.
2)  A conversion tool for VRML 97, with some cool features like
auto-viewpoints for each feature layer.
3)  A quick way to create maps with the feature data.
4)  In the licensed version, a conversion tool for some less used
cultural feature formats used by high-end terrain triangulation tools.

What the tool isn't:

1) A fully functional GIS.
2) A 3D Terrain Generation Tool.

For anyone interested, please download the tool, play with it, and feel
free to send me comments.  The download file is less than 200 KB, so
give it a try!


Matthew Fadoul

Bashir Research
14115 Asher View
Centreville, {*filter*}ia 20121


Visual Simulation online resource:

< 1K Download

Fri, 23 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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