VRML Extensions common to Cortona4.x and BS Contatact 6.x 
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 VRML Extensions common to Cortona4.x and BS Contatact 6.x

Has anyone documented which vrml extensions are common to Cortona and BS
Contact browsers ?

Fri, 09 Sep 2005 22:03:20 GMT  
 VRML Extensions common to Cortona4.x and BS Contatact 6.x
There is one real common thing about seting the center for examine
mode in the navigation info between contact 6 and cortona and handling
of nurbs. Other features like keyboard control or multitexuring work
in different ways:

KbdSensor {
 exposedField   SFBool  enabled TRUE
 exposedField   SFBool  isActive FALSE
 eventOut               SFInt32 keyDown
 eventOut               SFInt32 keyUp


KeySensor {  
        eventIn SFBool eventsProcessed  
        exposedField SFBool enabled TRUE  
        eventOut SFInt32 keyPress  
        eventOut SFInt32 keyRelease  
        eventOut SFInt32 actionKeyPress  
        eventOut SFInt32 actionKeyRelease  
        eventOut SFBool shiftKey_changed  
        eventOut SFBool controlKey_changed  
        eventOut SFBool altKey_changed  
        eventOut SFBool isActive  




Sat, 10 Sep 2005 05:01:28 GMT  
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