SFWEB3D present's The Return of SPAZZ3D: Beyond VRML to X3D 
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 SFWEB3D present's The Return of SPAZZ3D: Beyond VRML to X3D

SFWEB3D present's
The Return of SPAZZ3D: Beyond vrml to X3D. www.spazz3d.com
Who: Presented by Keith Victor, Creator of Spazz3D and Founder of Virtock
Technologies Inc.
When: June 17th, 2003 at 7-9pm .
Where: The dvGarage (785 Market Street Suite 200, San Francisco, CA.)

After two and a half long years of stagnation, Spazz3D is coming back! Keith
Victor, the founder of Virtock Technologies, Inc. and creator of Spazz3D
will be presenting the Spazz3D 3.0 Beta, which will be available for
download following the meeting. Keith will be presenting the new features of
Spazz3D, including MultiTexturing support, H-anim 2001 support( single mesh
avatars ), Texture Coordinate Generation tools, and X3D support. Keith will
also present the hallmark features of Spazz3D that have been in the hands of
happy users for years. Following the presentation, Keith and SFWEB3D founder
Larry Rosenthal will hold an open discussion about Web3D authoring.
Spazz3D was an early entry in the Web3D authoring tool market, back in 1999.
It has established itself as a low cost, easy to use, capable tool for
creating animated 3D content for the web. Spazz3D has been used in many
college environments, including NorthWestern University, San Francisco State
University, Texas Pan-Am University, Chester College( a college of the
University of Liverpool ), Biel School of Engineering (Switzerland ), and EB
Zrich ( Vocational school in Zrich Switzerland ). Spazz3D has been used
extensively by members of the {*filter*}town 3D Chat community for creating
immersive environments and avatars. Also, Spazz3D has filled a verity of
scientific visualization and marketing niches over the years. Spazz3D was
mentioned in the 1/24/01 issue of The Wall Street Journal.
Speaker Info:
Keith Victor was educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he
received a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering in the late 80's. He then
started his Engineering career in the automotive industry at Delco Chassis
Division of General Motors. In 1993, he transitioned into the field of 3D
Graphics Software at SDRC, a CAD Company. In 1999, Keith founded Virtock
Technologies, Inc. where he developed and marketed Spazz3D, a Web3D
authoring tool. Keith went to work for Eyematic Interfaces, Inc. in 2001,
and Eyematic acquired the IP for Spazz3D. Just recently, in March of 2003,
Keith was let go from Eyematic, but regained the IP for Spazz3D, thus
spawning the rebirth of Spazz3D.
Don't miss this SFWEB3D meeting:
Full Upgrade to Spazz3D 3.0 gold raffle, Free Spazz3.0 beta software
to all, and find out what you need to know about what's happening on the web
and in web3D today!
SFWEB3D Monthy Meetings- Every 3rd Tuesday- dvGarage

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