VRML 2000 : Platform Independence Keeps VRML alive 
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 VRML 2000 : Platform Independence Keeps VRML alive

 VRML users should be following X3D's progression ...
 VRML-97 will evolve through X3D to become vrml 2000.

 VRML 200x will fix the problems of VRML-97.

 VRML is a platform independent graphics language.

 VRML will grow and succeed is it adopts to the
evolving new world of the web and portable devices.

 VRML will live and grow on the web _ IF _  the web
pages with VRML can be viewed, enjoyed, and used by
a diverse set of platforms INCLUDING :

  -  Windows
  -  Macintosh
  -  Linux, Be, EPOC, Palm and others
  -  game machines, TV cable boxes, etc.

 " Windows Only " solutions  WILL  FAIL   to support
VRML's  promise of supporting  device independent graphics.

Web browsing devices are becoming increasing diverse.

  Portable devices and embedded devices are the fastest
growing market segments and many of these of these
devices do not have hard-drives and the "traditional"
desktop orientation :  Palm, Psion, phones, and Linux
based Web Pads have compact ROM based OSes.

 A notebook computer can be lighter and have a longer
batter life if it is designed without a hard-drive,
 -- it is cheaper too -- 3 compelling reasons for success.

 The 190 M-Hz Arm based Psion Netbook is an example :

  > If VRML's dead .... Let's leave politics aside ...

  I said no such thing, don't be disingenuous.

  I use VRML, I like VRML, VRML is a friend of mine.

  VRML has a good future on the web thanks to Blaxxun
and others that support VRML on __ MULTIPLE PLATFORMS __
an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT to become a standard on the web.

 Aren't there just 2 browsers ?

 No.  Mozilla and Opera are small but growing and
run on _ MORE THAN ONE _ operating system and CPU.

 Java is an important part of VRML's future.

 Java runs on multiple OSes and multiple CPUs including
power efficient CPUs like ARM, which is important for
the portable devices that run on batteries.

 VRML objects and VRML worlds can be displayed with Java.

 VRML objects can be displayed in a browser WITHOUT
VRML plug-ins .... this is good for VRML artists,
VRML programmers, and sites that use VRML.

 VRML plug-ins have advantages ... they are generally faster.

 If you're not sure the people coming to your site have a
VMRL plug-in, consider using Java to display your VRML.

" web | 3D Consortium - X3D : VRML Web3d Viewers "
|  VRML  Viewers written in Java :  Blaxxun3d, Shout3d
 ___  VRML demos with Java   -- GREAT ---  ___

" VRML 200x / X3D ... Request for Proposals "

 ___ VRML is Great, VRML lives : my VRML with Java ___

 " VRML displayed with Java _ WITHOUT _  VRML plug-in "
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/java3dviewer.html

" VRML   '.mov'ies   made with Java3d and Java JMF "
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/java3d_and_vrml.html

" VRML People Poser of H-Anim Avatars with Java EAI "
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/HAnimPoser.html

 ___ Problems & Solutions to VRML EAI Plug-in Problems ___

 > > 2# How do others get around this problem
 > > with worlds for general viewing across the web?
 > Personally, I use Javascript (ECMAscript); and
 > test, test, test. ...

  There is a better way which eliminates the
 problematic browser / plug-in conflicts :

" Paul S. Hoffman using Java for Displaying VRML (1) "
|  The viewing technology is quite simple - a Java applet
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~paulsam/panos/panotxt.html

" Paul S. Hoffman using Java for Displaying VRML (2) "
|  I have been testing  ... Shout3D and  blaxxun3D,
|  adapting prior  VRML97 code to load with these Java applets.

 >  Paul Flavin is a brilliant programmer,
 >  but I get * VERY ANNOYED * at the
 >  propagandistic thrust of his emails
 >  - all the crap, all the links.

 " Propagandistic " ?  Pompous & Pedantic ... yes.

  I'm a VRML user and have shared what I learned
with this group so VRML and VRML users may benefit.

 To succeed VRML must adapt to a changing world.

--  Paul,   VRML and Java Developer and Advocate.

 "Imaging the Imagined : Modeling with Math & a Keyboard"

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/contents.html

Mon, 12 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 VRML 2000 : Platform Independence Keeps VRML alive


>  VRML is a platform independent graphics language.

Is this strictly true?  Sure, most VRML interpreters
display wrl files graphically.  But is that really
a requirement?  Couldn't VRML be displayed in some
nongraphical manner; for example, there *are* VRML
browsers for the blind.

I believe that describing VRML as a graphics language
is misleading at best.

Mon, 12 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 VRML 2000 : Platform Independence Keeps VRML alive


>  VRML users should be following X3D's progression ...
>  VRML-97 will evolve through X3D to become VRML 2000.

   Well, things have been slow at "www.web3d.org".  They haven't
totally given up, but the pace has slackened.  

                                        John Nagle

Mon, 12 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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