MAK (M?K) SOFTWARE SUITE V3.2 (VR-Link, RTI ( Run-Time Infrastructure), 
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 MAK (M?K) SOFTWARE SUITE V3.2 (VR-Link, RTI ( Run-Time Infrastructure),

MAK (M?K) SOFTWARE SUITE V3.2 (VR-Link, RTI (Run-Time Infrastructure), Logger, Stealth, Plan-View-Display)
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1. M?K VR-Link to network simulators and virtual reality applications     using either the U.S. DoDs High
Level Architecture (HLA) or the    Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol

2. M?K High Performance RTI (Run-Time Infrastructure) for High Level
 Architecture (HLA) compliant simulations to communicate.

3. M?K Data Logger for capturing and relaying simulation data. With an    intuitive GUI, users can record
HLA or DIS messages to a file and    replay them at their convenience to review and critique simulation

4. M?K Stealth (3D visualization tool) for situation awareness,          simulation debugging or
after-after review, to you can fly through a    virtual networked world using a choice of 11 attach modes,
while    unobtrusively observing the action.

5. M?K Plan View Display (PVD) (the virtual battlefield) by overlaying    HLA or DIS entities and
information onto 2D views of tactical,    strategic, and visual databases, you gain new insight into
the    virtual battle.

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