Problem with SFImage.setValue? 
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 Problem with SFImage.setValue?

I'm trying to write a Java script, that changes the PixelTexture on the face of
an object.  If the component depth is 1 (grey scale) then the Java works OK.

If the component depth is 3 (RGB) then there seems to be a problem.
The data set looks fine when examined from within the Java class, but when
applied to the image, the data does not get mapped properly, its almost as if
the byte array is being mapped as 24bit numbers, but with 8bit offsets!

If it would help to see the examples I'm working on see

Many thanks
Dr Alun Moon             Regional Centre for Innovation in Engineering Design
tel: +44(191) 222 5306   Bruce Building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
fax: +44(191) 222 5833   NE1 7RU

Sat, 21 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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