Practical room modeling of walls with holes? 
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 Practical room modeling of walls with holes?

Just a repost, since I didn't hear from anyone a few weeks back...

I'm considering undertaking a fairly large project involving modeling a
physical building space in vrml 2. I'd like to evaluate the options for
going from CAD files or drawings to VRML modeling with a reasonable

Reading through the VRML 2.0 Sourcebook, I see the extrusion nodes as one
way to go from floorplan outlines to standard-height walls in rapid order,
and with small file size. But that leaves the problem of windows and doors.
I suppose I could break the point list into sections at every instance of a
hole, but the complexity of automating that...

I'm not hoping for a magic bullet here, but I would appreciate any advice
on how VRML experts model a building space, starting from scratch. I want
to keep it simple, get the basics up and deployed, and build up the detail
in layers.

Basically my questions revolve around the recommended method for going from
floorplan outline to polygon floors, ceilings and walls, complete with
window and door holes, and ready to accept texturing and facade details
when I can get around to it.

For the building, I should have access to at least 2-D floorplan CAD files,
or worst case, blueprints from which I could make floorplan schematic

Thu, 05 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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