How to get references to nodes within string/URL 
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 How to get references to nodes within string/URL

>    I am doing a Project which involves transfer of vrml over a socket
> from a server to clients, after which the client (which uses Java/EAI)
> should be able to reference each and every DEF'd node in the VRML
> (eg. I have a hierarchical structure & I want to refer to each node in
> the hierarchy).   Now CreateVrmlFromString() followed by a call to the
> AddChildren eventIn results in loss of DEF information, so that that I
> cannot get a reference to a node that has been added dynamically.  The
> only reference available is to the top-level node in the string, which
> is returned while calling CreateVRMLFromString() itself.
> Is there some way to get references to nodes deep inside a dynamically
> added hierarchy, short of writing a full-fledged VRML parser and
> creating a linked structure representing the VRML scene that has been
> added (not too efficient as I don't have pointers in Java!!!).

You must go through all children nodes.
I'm working on a Vrml chart generator and I make a call to
The string is generated by Java objects that have the Vrml hierachical
Every objects knows how much nodes it generates.
Then the top java object gets the top level node and it knows which
child object gets which node and so on.

Try it.
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