ANOUNCE: VRML Automation (Cortona SDK) is available! 
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 ANOUNCE: VRML Automation (Cortona SDK) is available!

ParallelGraphics Newsletter #4, August 9, 1999
Cortona SDK (Beta)is available now. Send your requests now!
Cool vrml Checkers      New!
Siggraph Web3D RoundUP: August 11, 1999

More information:

1.      Cortona SDK (Beta) is available now.

Cortona Software Development Kit (SDK) beta version is out now.
beta-testers WANTED!!!

What is Cortona SDK?
Cortona SDK  allows web and software developers  to integrate Cortona's
engine into the applications and web-based solutions.

Looking for effective and power 3D engine for your web site or stand

Then you should really check out ParallelGraphics Cortona SDK!

Cortona SDK includes:

Cortona Engine Binary files (the latest version supports Real  Video
and 2nd
EAI for IE);
Description of Automation Interface;
Usage examples (C++, VB, HTML)

Curious? Try it!
To get the beta version of the product, please, fill out the request
form at
tml and you will receive all necessary information within three days.

2. Checkers - A cool  example of VRML/Java game!
ParallelGraphics is pleased to present a new Internet game, made using
companies' VRML technologies.

Have a break, take a look at Checkers on-line at the Internet games
of our Showroom at http://www.*-*-*.com/

3.        Siggraph Web3D RoundUP: Wednesday, August 11th 1999

ParallelGraphics takes part in Web3D RoundUp within the SIGGRAPH'99
exhibition in Los-Angeles, USA. http://www.*-*-*.com/

Web3D RoundUP is a High-Speed Shootout where the world's leading Web3D
content developers and toolmakers demonstrate the latest Web3D
and applications.

At Web3D RoundUP ParallelGraphics presents a new state of the art VRML
authoring tool - Internet Scene Assembler.

For more information about the technologies and products
of ParallelGraphics, please, visit our web site at

http://www.*-*-*.com/ or contact us at

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