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 Help a rookie

Hi,  I'm new to vrml ( newsgroup and in general ) and I need some advice on
what to do about a problem I've encountered.  I tried to view the Mars
Panorama and my IE 3.02 opened a new window and immediately gave an error
message. " Error In VRML File " So I clicked around a little and found
"status".  That starts to count frames or something and immediately gives
error message " File Does Not Have A Valid Header String Line 2 ".  So I
thought it is just a bad file from the Mars guys. I got a few more "VRML
Events" all with the same results. Then I downloaded the Cosmic Player
software and installed it.  Rebooted, yada yada, SAME RESULTS! Please give
me some advise other than get Netscape. E-mail if you can. Thanks in

Bill Wutke

Sat, 25 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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