Jun for Java (Jun392) 
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 Jun for Java (Jun392)

We have released a new version, 392, of "Jun for Java".

  The major changes since the version 379 includes:

    * "Lisp" menu item and "Prolog" menu item are added to "Tools"
      menu of the launcher.  Each of them will open a dialog and
      there you can evaluate any statements of Lisp/Prolog.


    * JunVisualCatalog is a class to create thumbnail images from
      a set of image/movie files and generate HTML files for
      browsing them.


    * JunMillisecondModel is a class for specifying a time (hours,
      minutes, seconds, and milliseconds) with GUI and
      JunMillisecondDialog shows a dialog of JunMillisecondModel.


    * Fixed a bug of JunMoviePlayer. When stopping JunMoviePlayer,
      make sure to terminate its tracking process. Otherwise an
      unexpected access violation in QuickTime.qts could be

  You can download "Jun for Java" from the following URL.


  Jun is a framework for developing 3D graphic multimedia
  applications provided as an Open Source Software at NO COST.
  Please refer to the following URL for more information about
  "Jun for Java".


                            Best regards,

Sat, 26 Nov 2005 19:19:55 GMT  
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