ANNOUNCE: VRML site evolution to Web3D site 
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 ANNOUNCE: VRML site evolution to Web3D site

Hello friends...this is to announce the launch of the new "Focus on
Web3D" site at the successor to "Focus on VRML" which is
no more. Actually this is simply the evolution of the vrml site with
the idea being to cover all types of 3D for the Web technologies. All
the same old VRML content is still here ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ),
not one link has been removed. The weekly chats will still be here.
Please come on by and check out the site, there are a whole lot of new
changes. The current front page collection of topics is:

ActiveWorlds, Art, Clip Art Sources, Companies, Events,
Game Engines, Humorous Worlds, Java 3D, Magazines Journals Sites,
Motion Capture, MPEG4, Multiuser Technologies and Worlds,
Panoramic Imaging, Panoramic Imaging Applications, People of Web3D,
Streaming 3D Technologies, Standards and Development, Tutorials,
User Groups, Virtual Humans, Virtual Reality, VRML General Information,
VRML Applications, VRML Authoring, VRML Browsers, VRML Prototypes,
Web3D Content, Web3D Technologies

In addition to all the new content, there is a new Web3D Link of the
Day which changes each and every weekday!

Please drop on by!
If you happen to maintain any websites that have links to the old
"Focus on VRML" site please update it to the new URL...thanks....
Sandy Ressler / Web3D Guide
The Mining Co.   http://www.*-*-*.com/
(formerly the VRML Guide and site)

Wed, 17 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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