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 virtual REALITY - more REALITY

I have noticed several threads which ask about keyboard inputs
to VRML.  I have a similar task, although it involves file input.
I would like to read numeric values from a file, about once per
second, and then apply those values to a set of about 10 objects.
I accomplished this a while back in Superscape (actually reading
from RS-232), but I would like to make a similar attempt using
vrml this time.

If anyone has attempted anything similar or knows what the most
straightforward approach would be, I would appreciate a pointer
in the right direction.

If anyone with significant experience with VRML is interested in
performing this task, please send a response to my email address.  

And lastly, if any of the VRML decision makers are listening,
let me toss-in an opinion.  I believe that the VRML standard is
a wonderful thing.  It appears to me though, that the current
focus is on modeling data within the world, specifically writing
scripts to provide the behaviors for the various objects.  This
is very cool to play with but I do not believe that it will really
become a useful tool until it is integrated with real-life activities.
For example, if I send a rover to Mars, I don't want to see what
someone 'modeled', I want to see what the rover actually did.  Another
example: If I have a factory, I might want to 'fly' through it and see that
everything is operating correctly, if there is a problem, I can view the
situation up and down the production line to determine what the impact
is.  In short, I think that the 'virtual' portion is great, but the
reality part needs a stronger focus.  (This opinion in no way suggests
that all of the people who have contributed to the standards have done
anything less than an excellent and admirable job, I'm just providing
a little food for thought)


Randy Reed


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Mon, 06 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 virtual REALITY - more REALITY
Please look at the work being done now by the 3D standards folks to
integrate XML and other database access with VRML. These will provide
standard methods to enable the content of a .wrl file to be set and
changed by an external data base.

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Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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