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I'm planning on building a vrml world depicting a real-world area that's
roughly rectangular, 100-200 yards per side.  They'll be several
buildings, with part of the interior of one building modeled.

My question relates to the best way to model the ground.  It will not
all be level, but will consist of large level areas separated by short,
gentle slopes.  I can see modeling it either as an indexed face set or
an elevation grid.  Because of the large flat sections, it would seem
and indexed face set would be more efficient, but that raises a question
on the texture to put on top.

I also want to depict walkways, tennis courts, and basketball courts (in
some simple manner) on the layout.  I seem to recall that for an
elevation grid there's an easy way to lay a texture map over the whole
thing, whereas for an indexed face set, I'd have to apply a cut out
texture for each face.  Is my understanding correct?

 For development, I use Cosmo HomeSpace Designer and/or handcode using
SitePad.  I have Chisel to help optimize results at the end.  I'd be
willing to consider learning to use the free version of VRCreator if it
had any special features that would help.

Any ideas on best way to procede, considering both development and
viewing issues? Thanks!

Mike McGurrin
Mitretek Systems

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Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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