ANNOUNCE: ParallelGraphics Newsletter #3 (19th July, 1999) 
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 ANNOUNCE: ParallelGraphics Newsletter #3 (19th July, 1999)

        ParallelGraphics Newsletter #3, July 19, 1999

        - Cortona vrml Client now supports OpenGL
        - NEW! Cortona SDK: Add 3D capabilities to your web or
                            Now it's easier than ever!
        - NEW! COOL! Download free VRML Screen Saver!

        More information

        1. New features in Cortona VRML Client

        Cortona VRML client is the universal tool to view 3D VRML-
        in the Internet or stand-alone.

        The latest version of Cortona VRML Client 1.5 is available now.
Check it out!
        Download it at http://www.*-*-*.com/

        New features:
        *       The new OpenGL renderer has been added.
        *       Some bugs fixed in Java script processing.

        Coming soon:
        *     Real Video support
        *      2nd EAI support

        2. Cortona Software Development Kit (SDK) Coming soon!

        Now you can easily incorporate 3D in your web-sites
        or stand alone applications.

        Cortona SDK is a set of documents that describes how you
        can use Cortona's 3D engine inside your applications written
        in HTML, Java, Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, etc.

        It contains
          - Cortona Engine Binary files
          - Descriptions of Automation Interface
          - Usage examples

        Please visit SHOWROOM at our web site and see the demos
        that were written  with usage of Automation Interface:
        Protective Windows, Real estate, Virtual Manual.


        The Automation Interface is designed to allow an external
        environment to access nodes in a VRML scene using the
        existing ParallelGraphics Cortona ActiveX Control.

        The Automation Interface (VRML Automation) is high level
        interface ideal for Windows. It was developed as an alternative
        to VRML 2.0 External Authoring Interface.

        Automation Interface does not depend on program language.
        It works with any one. In addition it is very simple in use and

        Cortona's engine is also possible to use via low-level iHandle

        The automation interface is so powerful that we created a whole
        application around it. This is our revolutionary tool -
        Internet Scene Assembler. See our web site for more details.

        Another example of what can be done with Cortona SDK is
        ParallelGraphics VRML Screen Saver. More information is below.

        If you want to get more information on Cortona SDK,

        3. Cortona VRML Screen Saver

        Cortona VRML Screen Saver is an expandable collection of
        and amusing VRML scenes for free!

        A beautiful rose comes out on your screen followed by sparkling
        precious stone and entertaining clock-work toys. It is only a
        small part of the wide range of wonderful 3D-images offered
        you by Cortona VRML Screen Saver.

        Never boring, as you can add new scenes to the play list from
        time to time - just drop in the ParallelGraphics' Showroom and
        take the new one you would prefer.

        Or create your own scenes with ParallelGraphics VRML authoring
        - Internet Space Builder
        - Internet Scene Assembler

        For more information about the technologies and products
        of ParallelGraphics, please, visit our web site at


        If you have any questions or want to get more information,
        please, don't hesitate to contact us at

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