VRML and JavaScript?? 
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 VRML and JavaScript??

Ok..lets try this again...the first post never materialized....maybe becuase I wasn't subscribed yet..anyways...

     I'm just learning to use vrml and have begun to do some work with JavaScript for additional functionality.  Right now I can create a cube in a VRML world and
have that cube be an anchor for a JavaScript command to spawn a second window of a disired sized.  What I really need is the ability to use mouseover which pops
up a small window when the cursor is over the cube...and then the window closes automatically when the mouse cursor is moved off of the cube.  I've read this can
be done in pur JavaScript on an HTML page...but have been unable to get it to work embedded in a VRML file.  Any help or possibly examples would be greatly

     Additionally, is it possible to have this same cube perform a mouseover function (assuming I can get this to work) as well as an anchor function (by clicking on the
cube) at the same time?  This way the user could get one window with the mouseover...and another more permanent window with a mouse click(would require user
to close as usual).  I was thinking of something like a sensor embedded within a sensor.

Thanks for any help!

Michael G.

Fri, 10 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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