ANNOUNCE: CyberToolBox Release2 Beta2 - VRML 2.0 Visual Development Software 
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 ANNOUNCE: CyberToolBox Release2 Beta2 - VRML 2.0 Visual Development Software

I have posted {*filter*}ToolBox (or CTB ) Release 2 Beta today.

CTB is a visual software development package for vrml 2.0 with
Java. Using CTB, you can create many behaviors of VRML 2.0
easily without the general Java programming.

As for the important change from Release1, the script language is
changed  from TCL to Java. You can create a standard VRML 2.0
application using CTB, and you can run the applications with other
standard VRML 2.0 browsers.

You can get more the infomation and download the software free


If you have questions or problems, please send mail to :

Satoshi Konno


Fri, 16 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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