VRML EAI problems: Java3d solves many portabilty problems of VRML 
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 VRML EAI problems: Java3d solves many portabilty problems of VRML

3d web animation is problematic and
Java solves most of the problems by resolving
all the variables down to a single component:
the Java VM ( Virtual Machine ) rather than
the huge possible of combinations that vrml EAI
with a plug-in exposes you to:

  incompatible OSes, plug-in viewers, browser & VM.

  "Micrsoft declaired my OS obsolete and unsupported when ? ! "

Increasing Java is used by NASA and other astute
users of technogoy for 3d modeling as you can see
here ( an interactive VRML demo, Nasa Java3d with
Scripting extensions, live Java3d statelite viewer,
includes web animation of VRML file with Java 1.1,
the same file animates with Java3d with the Sun Loaders ).

Terrain Rendering & Modeling Planets & Spacecraft
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/terrain_rendering.html
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/shout3d/models/planetary_earth_mo...

Greetings ...

  I'll look at and try your code if you
want to send it to me.

  VRML EAI with Cosmo / Privion may require
Java VMs of 1.1 and nothing __ higher __ !

  If VRML EAI doesn't work in IE, try Netscape.

  I have several browsers, I prefer Mozilla,
but have Netscape 4.7 with a Java 1.1 VM
and ( on windows ) have IE but mostly
I use Linux -- Redhat 7.2 ) and avoid
Microsoft products and all their related hassles.

  I've done VRML EAI but have moved over
to using Java with Blaxxun3d or Shout3d
or Java3d with the Sun VRML Loaders.

  What are your goals ?

  Other solutions may be more suited to your needs.

  VRML EAI is almost never a good solution to
any requirement that requires a reliable,
extensible, safe, web solution.

  The HAnimPoser example does work with
Netscape / Java VM 1.1 / Windows9x.

Try some of the other VRML EAI examples:

VRML EAI Faq with exmaples ( TRY SEVERAL ! )
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/eaifaq.html#22

  common problems:

  - Script node access requires "mayscript" parameter.
  - The class must be declaired "public" in the .java file.
  - loaded files are best loaded as local referances
  rather than global, using getDocumentbase( ) or getCodebase( )
  to get the current working directory rather than specifying
  the full path name ( not:  "C:\" or "/usr/username" ).
  - Try several browsers & VM, use Netscape if IE fails
  and have an 'old' version of Netscape (4.7) around.

   I think most the old VRML plug-in Viewers require
  Java 1.1 VMs and nothing higher and one strange
  VRML viewer that has lots of portabilty problems requires
  a Microsoft VM even though that company is no
  longer supporting Java in its most current
  versions ( Java 2 or Java 1.2+ ) and has intentially
  put incompatabilities into it's version and has
  been sued & restrained by the courts from doing
  that type of thing in the future.

  You must avoid Microsoft properetary "extensions"
if you want a reliable and portable solution.

Netscape, old versions available

  Lots interactive 3d Web Animations are possible
with Java3d and the Sun VRML Loaders despite
the lies and erroneous books (the Prentice-Hall
"Core Web 3d" series by Aaron Walsh & Justin Couch
contain known errors and are unreliable & misleading).

Human Animation modeling of Web3d.org's H-Anim Avatars
with Sound and Gesture Animatations triggered from
mouse actions on TouchSensors has been done without
expensive and bothersome certificates.

  3d Web Animation of Web3d.org's H-Anim Avatars
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/java3d_and_vrml.html
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/games_with_java3d.html
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/H-Anim_Avatars.html

  -- Paul, Java Developer & Web Animator.
"Imaging the Imagined: Modeling with Math & a Keyboard"

-- re: ----------------

 > I worked on that problem, but didn't solved it.
 > Here are some more details :
 > OS is Windows XP (tried also under Windows 98),
 > Java Version is 1.4 and I'm viewing the VRML files
 > with Pivoron Player (that should be equal to Cosmo Player).
 >  I tried some of the samples.
 > http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/HAnimPoser.html
 > doesn't work, but
 > http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/nurbs.html
 > works great.
 > The Error message the player throws is :
 > "Welcome to Pivoron Player.
 >  Current Graphics Renderer
 >   Name: NVIDIA Corporation
 >   Description: GeForce2 MX/AGP/SSE2 1.2.2
 >  Loading Script Node class file://c:/Dokumente und
 > Einstellungen/weick.HERMES/Eigene Dateien/C4D/TestSkript.class
 > # Could not load the script class file://c:/Dokumente und
 > Einstellungen/weick.HERMES/Eigene Dateien/C4D/TestSkript.class.
 > # Please make sure the class is declared PUBLIC or
 > the class file exists.
 >  Could not load any url for Script node '505TestSkript'".
 > All files are in the same directory and the names of the
 > files are giving correctly.
 > I hope this helps finding the problem.
 > Thanks
 > weick

  The one that you say "works great" is: Just Java.

  Some don't like it when you say good things about Java.

Fri, 20 May 2005 05:04:55 GMT  
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