CosmoPlayer on Dual cpu's 
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 CosmoPlayer on Dual cpu's


Ive got this grump about Compaq's, i cant prove anything yet but most 3D
cards I try in them (professional & {*filter*}) are woeful with cosmo, if
they get of the mark in the first place - most crash (sieze) the
machines. I'm getting one of there engineers to have a good look under
the hood of their config but what i am unsure about is how Cosmo
performs on dual cpu setups.

My question is not wether cosmo multithreads nicely its wether anyone
knows of conflicts (multithreading badly) on dual cpu systems.

Or is it a Compaq thing ??

NT4 sp3/4/5
Netscape 4.0~4.7
CosmoPlayer 2.1~2.1.1


Garry Keltie

InteractiveInformationInstitute &
School of Architecture and Design

Tue, 07 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 CosmoPlayer on Dual cpu's
Hallo Garry,
ive got the same problem on my machine.
My Computer: Asus Motherboard dual PII350, Diamond Fire GL1000, Adaptec
SCSI. I think, the graphic-carddriver causes the crash. As i know, the
opengl-drivers are not able to work with multithreading, but cosmo does.
next time i want to try blaxxun.
But be warned: cosmo tolerates codebugs, blaxxun (and the most others
If you like, take a look at my VRML-Museum i am still workin on. Its a
VRML-model of the museum of industrie culture in Osnabrueck (germany)
with an old steam-machine! Comments are appriciated.

merry christmas from nothern germany

Achim Luft

Thu, 23 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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