java and the getbrowser method... 
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 java and the getbrowser method...

Hello everybody,

I use the getbrowser method to find an embed vrml files in my HTML code.
The problem is that I use frames and that the applet is in frame A and the
VRML is in frame B.
I did something like this:
brow = Browser.getBrowser(this,"B",0);
but I don't know what is the index, and I put it with a 0 value.
I works fine, but not always...  Sometimes I have an error, that he can't
find an 645945 (or an another number) index. So how to correct this problem

I've tried with an index of 1, and it didn't work...

Thanx everybody

Pichel Michel

Mon, 16 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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