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 EAI with blaxxun...


I'm working with the EAI and the blaxxun browser
and I'm wondering if anybody has experience with the following:

I want to locate the JavaApplet in a different frame from the
As it is now I need to have both in the same frame(html file).
(Eventually I would like to connect to the vrml browser from a
completely different html-browser window (which is essentially
just another frame...))

From netscape I guess it wouldn't be hard since the
Browser.getBrowser(Applet) function can take an additional
parameter stating the name of the frame that the VRML browser
is located. (Has anybody got experience with this ?)
But for IE. this is different, there the Blaxxun implementation
uses VBScript with the following call :
            document.VRMLEAIapp.setBrowser CC3D
Where 'VRMLEAIapp' is the name i defined for the java applet and
'CC3D' the name for the browser....
Can anybody help me how to get this method to work accross
frames ?
ie. in which frame should I place the VBScript (the frame
containing the applet or the frame containing the browser) ?
how do I solve timing problems (in no case will both
frames be loaded at exactly the same time ofcourse... :>) ?

Altough this is not exactly a VRML uestion I hope that
someone can help me on this one...

Thanks in advance, Alex...

Sun, 10 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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