TOOLS: Paragraph International 3d vrml authoring tools 
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 TOOLS: Paragraph International 3d vrml authoring tools

At Internet World Paragraph International announced the release of two new
3D authoring tools, and their first vrml 2.0 authoring solution for the
Macintosh. Internet3D Space Builder 2.0 is designed to allow users to
create 3D Internet Home Spaces for publication on the Net where they can
be viewed with standard VRML browsers. Internet3D FontMagic for Windows 95
converts text created with an TrueType font into industry-standard VRML
2.0 for Net publication or inclusion in complex VRML Spaces. Paragraph is
billing its new authoring tools as the first to natively support the
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
(VRML 2.0) standard.  Disney Online plans to license Paragraph's various
internet software technologies.
If you are interested in putting a link on your site, all you need to do
is contact me.

Sandra Cannon

Wed, 16 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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