Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-17 
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 Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-17

The Web3D Repository is a noncommercial resource for the Web3D community
provided by the Web3D Consortium located at:


By listing the products below, Web3D Consortium and the Web3D Repository
are only providing information, and are not endorsing any of these
n.b. the following updates will be realized in the Repository  Monday
2002-06-17 2:07am PST.


this week: 2002-06-17  

Multiuser Environments & Communities

OzGate (Brian Thomasson)
Multiple Voice Chat in a colorful 3D vrml community. Expressive emotive
avatars which lip-synch to your voice.

Platform is DigitalSpace Traveler, formerly OnLive! Traveler.

Server type:
DigitalSpace Traveler

The galleries of thanatos
An eclectic, growing collection of digital photographs including land
scapes, sky scapes, objects, textures and soon to come panoramas. These
images have been made available free and royalty free for both private
and commercial use for web3d and conventional uses.

Real2Virtual Modeller  3.0

Technologies :VRML StL OpenGL IBM-HotMedia

Real2Virtual Modeller is a tool for generating 3D VRML models from
digital-camera-images, graphical-images, or from free-hand line
drawings. No special equipment is needed to use the program - and models
may be generated even without a camera. Complex photo-real models can be
created by simply drawing around objects seen in the images, or by
drawing freehand using Modellers extensive drawing tools. Objects with
sub-parts, complex shapes, and fine details can be modelled accurately
and quickly. Over 120 cameras are now directly supported, and
unsupported cameras can be used by following a simple calibration
procedure. Models can be viewed using Real2Virtual Viewer (included), or
published to the web as very compact VRML1.0 or VRML2.0/VRML97 files. In
addition VRML can be optimised for use by IBM HotMedia, or exported to StL.


Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-17

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