Java in frame can't get instance of Java EAI + VRML in another frame 
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 Java in frame can't get instance of Java EAI + VRML in another frame


I have a Java app running in one frame ("frame 1") and it is trying to
get an instance of a Java app in another frame ("frame 2").  Frame 2 is
running a vrml file and the Java is using the EAI to communicate with
the VRML file.

Right now, the Java in frame 1 cannot get an INSTANCE of the Java in
frame 2.  When I remove the "MAYSCRIPT" variable in the EMBED tag that
launches the Java in frame 2, the Java in frame can get the instance of
the Java in frame 2.  However, without the MAYSCRIPT tag, I cannot run
the Java EAI - the java applet doesn't find the VRML browser when you do
a "Browser.getBrowser()" command.

I am running Netscape 4.03 with Cosmo 1.0 (and Java 1.1).

Well, any help with this would be really great,



Sat, 08 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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