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We want to program Intelligent Agents in a vrml world. One of
the big items is that an Agent has to 'know' what he/she/it is seeing.

I think that a ViewPoint Node on the Agents Position can give me
its position and orientation. But how can an Agent knows what Nodes
(or Objects) are in HIS view. That view can be different what I see now.

For example: an Agent (Avatar) looks at the left where I look forward.
The objects
right from me (which are visible and also not visible for me) can be
'seen' by the Agent.
If the agent is a Dialogue-Agent (for example) he has to understand what

I mean about 'that blue chair at the right' which means for him:
'the blue chair in front of me.' -> Object Chair

Does anyone has experience with this way of looking at the VR world
especially with

Please send an email-message to me. I'm not reading this newsgroup

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Mon, 06 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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