using Text node to display chinese 
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 using Text node to display chinese

How to display the local text in vrml?

Thu, 02 Oct 2003 11:48:54 GMT  
 using Text node to display chinese


> Hi,
> How to display the local text in vrml?
> thanks.

Should be fairly straight forward. Set the style, family, language to a
chinese font. vrml was designed to support multiple languages so it should

Use what ever tool you use for HTML to do the text first and then paste in.

Get a copy of the vrml 97 specification from if you
don't have it allready.

I have reproduced the definination of the FontStyle node below

FontStyle {
  field MFString family       "SERIF"
  field SFBool   horizontal   TRUE
  field MFString justify      "BEGIN"
  field SFString language     ""
  field SFBool   leftToRight  TRUE
  field SFFloat  size         1.0          # (0,)
  field SFFloat  spacing      1.0          # [0,)
  field SFString style        "PLAIN"
  field SFBool   topToBottom  TRUE


Thu, 02 Oct 2003 18:40:41 GMT  
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